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Welcome to Spectrum.Life 

Your new Wellbeing and 24/7 Student Support Platform & Mobile App

What is Spectrum.Life platform and mobile app and how can it benefit you? 

Spectrum.Life will give you access to fitness plans, recipes, and eLearning content related to remote working, sleep and mental health among other topics. In addition, you will have access to numerous health and wellbeing related rewards such as discounted Fitbit Fitness Trackers!  The platform also gives you direct access to your 24/7 Student Support, explained below.

What is 24/7 Student Support?

The 24/7 Student Support is a confidential in the moment support service that provides support to university students. The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year covering numerous topics such as: Stress, Anxiety, Low mood, Financial worries, Loss & Grief, Relationship problems, Substance abuse issues and much more. 
You can access through a confidential, freephone telephone line, an online chat function through the platform or by requesting a callback.

Access this service directly by phone or register to the platform below:

Freephone UK: 0800 0318227
INT: 00353 1 518 0277

How do I get started? 

Pro Tip: Use Google Chrome to ensure the best performance of the platform! 

Register now to the Spectrum.Life platform and mobile app by following this link: https://strathclyde.spectrum.life/login?org=uoswell 

Once registered you can bookmark the following link for logging in: https://app.spectrum.life/login 

You can download the iOS or Android app by following these links:

download the Specrum.life iOS app from the Apple App store download the Specrum.life Android app on Google Play store



 Alternatively search for "Spectrum.Life" in your Google Play or Apple Store.

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