Education Enhancement Teaching & Learning Online (TALON)

Welcome to Teaching and Learning Online (TALON) at the University of Strathclyde.

The aim of the course is to allow participants to experience being an online student while at the same time exploring the implications and opportunities of teaching and learning in Myplace. You will participate in a number of weekly online tasks and discussions, with tutors from the Learning Technology Enhancement Team. Completion of the weekly tasks and discussions will take an average of 4 hours throughout each week. Scheduled online sessions with your cohort will be included within this timeframe. This module can be completed as a standalone staff development option to gain experience in teaching online, or as Part 1 of the accredited Teaching and Learning Online module which forms part of the PG Certificate in Advanced Academic Studies. Part 2 includes a summative assessment to evaluate the online course activities that you develop in Part 1.

  • Engage in online course activities from a student’s perspective
  • Experience a wide range of Myplace tools and activities
  • Experience and develop methods to encourage online engagement and collaboration
  • Develop understanding of and critically evaluate effective learning design for online courses and activities
  • Experience and design online activities for both face-to-face and online delivery

Course dates

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