General Precautions

General Precautions taken where there is damage to ACMs

Where ACMs are found to be damaged, or have deteriorated, Estates Services' Asbestos Coordinator must be informed so that steps can be taken to assess the situation and deal with it.

Under these circumstances in general, the following actions will be taken:

  • work will stop immediately
  • persons will be prevented from entering the area
  • new discoveries or damaged ACMs will be reported to Estates Services
  • a licensed asbestos contractor will be contacted to carry out remedial works

Removal or encapsulation of asbestos

Where asbestos materials are found to be damaged or in a poor condition within the fabric of a building, or where they may be disturbed during the course of a job, Estates Services (in consultation with an approved asbestos removal contractor) will decide whether it should be removed or encapsulated. All such work will be carried out in accordance with HSG 247 (Asbestos – The Licensed Contractors Guide) and in consultation with Estates Managements Asbestos procedures.