Drinking Water Advice


Cold tap water in Scotland is safe to drink. The University provides free water through a network of water coolers on campus – just bring your reusable bottle. 

Drinkable water supply within the University is provided either directly from mains water from the Scottish Water network or from cold water storage tanks within buildings.

Estates Services has procedures in place to manage water services within the University. All water storage tanks are inspected every 6 months to check the integrity of the tank. The water storage tanks and the services fed from the tanks are disinfected at least every two years, but more generally on an annual basis.

Estates Services have historically arranged for samples and reports on water quality to be provided on an ad hoc basis in response to any issues raised with respect to water quality.

A University wide water sampling and testing exercise was carried out in 2009 to provide so far as is reasonably practicable, assurances with regard to the quality of the drinking water. Samples were tested for compliance with the Water (Quality) (Scotland) Regulations 2001 which sets out parameters for potable water. Testing was carried out by UKAS accredited laboratories. Estates Services reviewed all sample analysis reports from outlets and where necessary took remedial action.

Future drinking water management will be carried out as follows:

  • 6 monthly inspection of all water storage tanks
  • Disinfecting of services fed from storage tanks based on tank inspection results or at a minimum of at least every two years
  • Microbiological testing every 6 months by a UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Annual mineral testing by a UKAS accredited laboratory

For further information, please contact the Estates Services helpdesk, extension 2164.