ATA Guidance


The ATA system should be used for all staff appointments including new posts, replacements, extensions and contractual changes relating to grade or FTE whether on a temporary or permanent basis including acting up allowances.

The ATA allows key stakeholders in the recruitment process (HoD, Faculty Office) to track the progress of the authorisation through the various authorisation stages: (1) Finance, (2) Head of Department/Service, (3) Dean/Faculty Officer/Head of Directorate/Grant holder – then ATA Group / SATAG - followed by (4) HR.

The fully authorised ATA is an automatic archive, recording the approval of each of the stakeholders from Finance through Department and Faculty or Professional Service area to HR and is a key tool in financial management and forecasting.

If departments are in any doubt as to whether an ATA is required then the relevant Finance Business Partner / Management Accountant (Professional Services) can advise.

For advice on any aspects of the ATA process which would require input from HR, please consult HR webpages

ATA Guidance Notes