Driving for work

The Management of Occupational Road Risks (MORR) Occupational Health and Safety Standard

The MORR Standard and associated documents apply to any person who may drive on behalf of the University for business purposes.

This includes travelling to conferences, staff visiting host schools or work placements, travel between University premises and persons travelling from home to a different (non-campus) location for work. 

The MORR Standard introduced a number of requirements to strengthen the management of occupation road risks, these include: 

  • Mileage, vehicle hire and fuel expense claims will only be available to drivers who have successfully completed the driver approval process;
  • Staff driving for work purposes must be 'approved' by completing the ‘Driver’s Declaration Form’, detailing driving licence details and a health declaration;
  • Use of private vehicles will be subject to the validation of appropriate business insurance and where applicable, MOT test and road tax.

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The Safety, Health and Wellbeing Team is available to provide advice to staff and can be contacted by e-mailing safety@strath.ac.uk.  

 Car, Van & Minibus Hire 

All staff are reminded of the University policy relating to insurance cover for hired vehicles.

Cars & Vans 

If the period of hire is less than 14 days – insurance cover MUST be purchased from the hirer at the time of booking. 

If the period of hire is greater than 14 days – insurance cover should be arranged via the University’s policy. The following information must be submitted prior to collection of the vehicle to insurance-services@strath.ac.uk

  • Make, model & vehicle registration
  • Name of Hire Company
  • Dates of Hire
  • Names of driver(s)


Where possible insurance cover should be obtained from the hire company. However, where this is not possible insurance should be arranged under the University’s policy.

In this case please submit the following information prior to collection of the vehicle to insurance-services@strath.ac.uk – 

  • Make, model & vehicle registration
  • Name of Hire Company
  • Dates of Hire
  • Names of driver(s)
  • Date of Birth of driver(s) 
  • Note: The minimum age for a minibus driver is 21 and drivers must hold a full license for at least 2 years – please refer to the DVLA website for more information

Further information on this, or any other insurance matter, is available from insurance-services@strath.ac.uk        

Additional information which you may find useful on car/van/mini bus hire is available on the Purchasing Website.   

Fleet Vehicles:

The University's motor fleet is covered under a block insurance policy with Equity Redstar. Any purchases or sales of fleet vehicles should be notified to insurance-services@strath.ac.uk and Robert McKenna in Estates Management.

Insurance certificates for the purposes of road taxing fleet vehicles are available on request from insurance-services@strath.ac.uk .

Courtesy vehicles provided for any fleet vehicle being repaired or serviced also will be covered under the University's motor insurance policy. The details of any courtesy vehicle should be notified to insurance-services@strath.ac.uk as soon as they are known to the department. Reference should be made to the fleet vehicle being replaced, the duration, courtesy vehicle make model and registration along with the named driver.

Motor Claims:

All potential claims should be reported as soon as possible to insurance-services@strath.ac.uk. A claim form will then be issued which should be be completed and returned along with a quote for repairs as soon as possible in order that the claim can be logged with insurers.

The University's motor insurance policy carries the following excesses as standard. All excesses must be met by the department.

Windscreen:             £75 for replacement by a recommended repairer

                                 £10 for repair by a recommended repairer

                                 £125 for repair or replacement by any other company

All other damage:    £250, rising to £300 for drivers under the age of 21

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