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The Finance Directorate has undertaken a number of changes over the past couple of years to ensure that we can fully support the University in its vision to be a leading international technological university and to support colleagues in the delivery of our three key strategic themes of:

  • Outstanding student experience
  • Internationally leading research
  • World leading innovation and impact

The Directorate has been realigning both structurally and physically to enable us to support the provision of operational excellence in all that we do

The final changes aim to ensure that we support all our students, staff and external collaborators in the most efficient and customer focused way.

The Finance Helpdesk team are here to help with all finance related queries and are now located on campus on Level 1 of the McCance Building, our operational hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday each week. You can also contact the team by emailing, by phone +44 (0)141 548 4500 or by submitting your query via the undernoted Contact Finance button.

Please note

Certain pieces of finance documentation and correspondence will be actioned by the various finance operational teams and there are specific email addresses for this purpose which will ensure that your correspondence reaches the correct team and is dealt with promptly. Details of these boxes are listed below.

Email addresses for students


Email address

Copies of sponsor letters/letters of financial guarantee/confirmation of scholarships/awards

Copies of confirmation of fee payment when payment has been made via bank transfer

Fee refund requests

Requests to change instalment and credit/debit card payment plans

US Federal loan correspondence

To submit expense claims for students who have no access to the Financial Management System


All finance queries

Email addresses for staff


Email address

To submit a request for payment form

Expense claims for non-university staff, students without FMS access and interview expenses

Confirmation of chargeability for scholarships/awards

Notification of funds expected to be paid to the university

Timesheets that are required as part of a Research, Knowledge Exchange or studentship financial claim

Invoice requests for Research, Knowledge Exchange and studentship projects

Requests for FMS access and roles including amendments

Requests to update a purchase order number on an existing sales invoice

Requests for finance training

Asset management system correspondence

Insurance services correspondence

Vat enquiries

Online Shop support

Payroll enquiries and correspondence

Monthly absence returns 

Pension enquires and correspondence

All other finance queries

Email addresses for customers and suppliers


Email address

Customer remittance advice notifications confirming payment of sales invoices etc.

To submit supplier invoices

To submit supplier statements

All finance queries