HR Policies

A full list of HR policies and procedures is kept on the Staff section of the University's website.

Finance Payroll Section provides support throughout your employment at the University


If you are a new employee working at the University, please fill in the New Employee Bank Details & Starter Declaration Form and return it at the same time as you present your Right to Work evidence to the Human Resources Department, Level 2, McCance Building, 16 Richmond Street, G1 1XQ.  Failure to complete and return this form may result in an over deduction of income tax.  P45 forms can be sent directly to or handed into the Finance Helpdesk, Level 1, McCance Building, 16 Richmond Street, G1 1XQ.

The signed letter of appointment should be returned to HR prior to the start date, however if not, it can also be handed in at this time. Employees cannot be paid until the signed letter has been received.

University regulations require all employees to provide personal bank details in order that salaries can be credited directly to a bank account on the 2nd last working day each month. Please refer to the New Employee Bank Details and Starter Declarion Form.

In addition to the above new starts will also be given information and an application form, if requested, regarding various clubs that they may wish to join.

New employees should also speak to one of our Pension’s staff about the benefits of joining the pension scheme and completing the necessary paperwork.


Employees leaving the University’s employment should contact the Payroll and Pensions section to confirm arrangements for the issue of the P45 form and to discuss the options available if they are a member of the pension scheme.

Please note that, if you are retiring and are a member of the pension scheme, the main parts of the P45 will be sent direct to the pension provider by the Pensions section and you will be issued with part 1A for your records.

If you have a staff card, or any other University of Strathclyde cards, these should be returned to Human Resources.

Foreign Nationals

During your employment with the University, you will be subject to employment law as laid down by the Government of the United Kingdom and your salary will be subject to income tax and National Insurance regulations. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the Government Office responsible for all matters concerning income tax and National Insurance.

The United Kingdom has a reciprocal agreement with a number of other countries regarding income tax which allows visitors from these countries to work here without having income tax deducted from their salary.  This exemption may not be applicable to all visitors, even those from a country which participates in the agreement, therefore if you wish to apply for exemption please contact HMRC either in writing or on telephone number 0300 200 3300. More information is available on the HMRC web site  At this time the Payroll Office will also ask you to complete a New Employee Bank Details & Starter Declaration Form which will allow us to allocate you with a temporary tax code thus reducing the amount of tax payable by you, until such time as HMRC notify us of their decision regarding your application. Please note that if your application is successful no tax will be deducted from your salary payable by this University; however you will probably have to pay tax on this income when you return to your home country. 

All employees must have a National Insurance Number, therefore, if you are not already in possession of such a number, please contact Job Centre Plus. Please advise the Payroll Office of your number when issued.

Your salary will be credited to a UK bank account, therefore if you do not already have a UK bank account, you can get more information on opening one at

The University has an arrangement with Santander, the University Campus Branch, to assist new staff in opening a bank account. Please contact HR for further information if interested.