FMS - Common Error Messages

Access Rights Error

If the system displays the error message ‘Access rights - You are not authorised to use this function’, the message usually relates to your being timed out of the system after a period of inactivity.  Unfortunately although this is not the most obvious error message, we are unable to change it.


Costc: Value for field dim_1 = ‘NNNNN’ is fixed (where NNNNN is a cost centre number)

In this case the issue is that the cost centre for the sub project has been changed since the transaction was entered and therefore no longer matches what the system is expecting. If the above message is received user should either try to re-open the transaction and re-enter the sub project (which should then pick up the new cost centre and allow the user to proceed) or contact the Help Desk. The instances of this type of error should be reducing.


Funds Check Failed

Remember that a ‘funds check failed’ alert does not mean a transaction cannot be processed.  If a transaction is urgent, the user can continue with the transaction, then separately investigate and resolve the funds check failure.


Order not sent to Supplier

If the Delivery Date on a requisition is set more than 100 days in the future then the Purchase Order (when it is created) may not be sent to the Supplier. The FMS System does not utilise Delivery Date so there is no system-related reason for changing it from the default of the current date.  


‘Web page cannot be found’ / ‘Bad Request’ error message when accessing FMS

If you are experiencing issues accessing FMS in either Internet Explorer (‘Web page cannot be found’) or Firefox (‘Bad Request - Request Too Long’) or any other browser please refer to the section on Browsers. 


Having to login using your DS User Profile to view the University URL's/webpages

If you are observing a request to login using your DS user profile when you are attempting to view University webpages or Sharepoint sites via links then you may have to update your security settings on your device Internet Options. To do this please follow the below instructions:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Internet Options or Network and Internet --> Internet Options (depending on your Control Panel view)
  • Click on Security tab
  • Click on Local Intranet
  • Click on Sites
  • Click on Advanced
  • In Add This Website To The Zone enter * and click Add
  • Click Close
  • Click OK
  • Restart your Browser