FMS - Hints and Tips

We have been reviewing the feedback and queries raised about FMS, and provide below some additional pointers to help you use the system.  

Change to Cost Centres

A number of departments have requested or required changes to the Cost Centres associated with Sub Projects and Projects.  As those involved will be aware, there is some complexity in making these changes, not just within FMS but also within other University systems (e.g. Payroll, SUnBIRD, ATA). Therefore, Cost Centre changes will only be made at the beginning of each financial year (in line with the timescales for changes to the Organisation Hierarchy), unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Staff Absence: Substitutes

Please remember that when staff are going on holiday – in particular if they have an approval role – they need to ensure they allocate a Substitute for the period of their absence.  If you find someone is absent and they have not set a substitute, this can be done by emailing the Finance Systems team at .

Research and Consultancy Invoices

Note that departments should not raise Sales Invoices/Orders for Research, Consultancy or Knowledge Transfer Specific Grants.  These invoices continue to be managed from the Research Contracts team within Finance, to ensure we comply with funder conditions around claim timing and content.

Activity Codes

Where necessary, please ensure you select the appropriate Activity within the GL Analysis code.  If you select an incorrect activity for KE, you should receive a Funds Check warning.

Month End on FMS

At the start of each new month, the period in FMS will change.  Note that transactions will be posted into the period in which they are approved.  For example, if you have transactions which were raised in August but which have not yet been fully approved or posted, these will appear in September, once approved.  For many users, this will not have any impact, other than at the year end.