Student related codes requiring Student ID

Student related codes requiring Student (AR) ID to be included

For certain student related account codes (fees, fees waivers, stipends – see full list below) it is a business requirement to be able to identify the student for all transactions. It is not possible to include the Student (AR) ID on the journal entry screen therefore where journals to these account codes are required the journal upload template, available from your Assistant Faculty Business Partner, must be used. The template includes instructions for use (see Notes sheet). The template has been sent to relevant users.

If you raise a journal (through the journal entry screen or via the template) which relates to the account codes listed below, which doesn’t include the Student (AR) ID, this will be rejected. You will receive a task informing you of this and the requirement to raise a replacement journal including the Student (AR) ID using the upload template.

When you receive such a task you must press the Acknowledge button to remove the task. See screen shot below. This will also remove the existing journal from workflow. The commitment relating to this journal will then be deleted.

List of Account Codes:

Account Description 
1100 Tuition Fees - Scotland and EU Undergraduate 
1101 Tuition Fees - Scotland and EU Postgraduate - Teaching  
1102 Tuition Fees - Scotland and EU Postgraduate - Research
1105 Tuition Fees - EU Undergraduate
1106 Tuition Fees - EU Postgraduate - Teaching
1107 Tuition Fees - EU Postgraduate - Research
1110 Tuition Fees - RUK Undergraduate
1111 Tuition Fees - RUK Postgraduate - Teaching
1112 Tuition Fees - RUK Postgraduate - Research
1120 Tuition Fees - Non-EU Undergraduate
1121 Tuition Fees - Non-EU Postgraduate - Teaching
1122 Tuition Fees - Non-EU Postgraduate - Research
1170 Tuition Fee Discounts
1171 Fee Waivers
4313 Payment of Tuition Fees - Research Contracts
4314 Payment of Tuition Fees - Research Studentship
4315 Payment of Tuition Fees - Other
3103 Student Scholarship - Stipend Only 

Screen shot of task:

Student related codes requiring Student ID