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Click here for an overview of Purchasing Goods and Services from External Suppliers.

Click here for an overview of FMS Requisitions


Quick Guides

There are quick guides for some of aspects of requisitioning found on the training page.


The entire procurement to payment process is described in detail in the following manuals:

Introduction to Procurement & Suppliers

Purchasing on FMS

Invoices & P2P Reports 

Training Courses

Training courses on FMS Purchasing are run periodically. Go to the Course Booking site to put your name on a waiting list of this course.



Why does the delivery address not default to my own Department?

The system does not hold a default Delivery Address against each member of staff , so the Delivery Address has to be selected for each Requisition.

If the address information is incorrect for your department for example if you have re-located to a different building then  email the address details to

How do I amend a Requisition once it’s in workflow?

You can amend a Requisition by opening the original Requisition and adding or removing any products or services.  If your Requisition is with the approver, you may wish to contact them to let them know you are making changes as once approved you can’t amend a Requisition and will need to complete a new Requisition

How do I cancel a Requisition once it’s in workflow?

You can do this by changing the status to ‘closed’ however you may prefer to request that the approver rejects the request in order to remove the Requisition from workflow.  If the Requisition is at the initial workflow stage of address and document check, you should park the Requisition first then complete the workflow task then close the requisition.  This is detailed in full on the FMS Training and Development pages ( ). The detail can be found in the Purchasing Section  – See ‘Close a Requisition’.

How do I access and amend the GL Analysis details for my Requisition?

The GL analysis section is available at the bottom of the Requisition Details tab.  You need to have selected a Requisition line for this to appear and you may have to click on the double chevron to expand this section.  Each Requisition line has a GL analysis therefore you will need to click on all lines to go through each GL in turn.

I am getting an Activity error on my requisition, what do I do?   

This can be for one of two reasons:
i).  You have yet to enter a sub project code, if you have not entered this on the Requisition Entry tab you can enter the sub project on the GL line(S) and the error should disappear
ii).  You have entered a research sub project.  The activity will default to the 100 code however as more detailed analysis is required for research to meet funder requirements, a research activity should be used e.g. 470 consumables.

Some lines on my Requisition are at status of ‘Finished’ and others are shown as ‘workflow in progress’ – what do I do?

The Requisitions that show as finished are normally approved and a Purchase Order has been created.  You can find the PO number in the ‘Own Requisitions’ section of the Procurement menu.  Requisitions still in workflow can be viewed using the ‘Workflow Enquiry’ section of Procurement and opening the workflow map.  This will let you know what stage the Requisition is at.

I have used the wrong GL posting string  on my Requisition and it is in workflow – what do I do?

This can be amended, see 'How to amend a Requisition' once it's in workflow (above).

I have used the wrong GL posting string  on my Requisition and it is now a PO – what do I do?

You can either cancel the PO (directly with the Supplier and on FMS via the help desk) or, you can leave the PO as is and arrange for a corrective journal to be raised

Should I be able to self-approve a Requisition?

In certain circumstances self-approval is possible at the moment but we are working with the system providers to alert this .