FMS - Student Placements


Students on certain courses (e.g. Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Education, BA in Social Work) are entitled to claim placement expenses.

This can be done online through the Financial Management System. Your department will let you know the internal budget code against which these expenses should be charged. (This code has to be entered when you are completing the online expenses claim form).


1)      The Financial Management System can be accessed at (See Hints and Tips Below)

2)      When prompted enter your University username, then ‘DS’ into the domain field and then your University password. Instructions on logging on to FMS and some basic navigation can be found at in the document entitled ‘FMS Web Introduction – Tutor Led Manual’.

3)      Videos and documentation explaining how the system can be used to claim expenses can be found at

4)      The University’s policy on Travel Expenses can be found here:  Expenses Policy

5)      If you have any questions or issues that are not covered by the information on the FMS Knowledge Hub  then please direct them to :


If you would like to be paid directly into your Bank Account  please complete this form:Student Bank Information Form



Browsers and Operating Systems

The FMS system runs well on most current browsers and operating systems (see advice here : Supported Browsers for FMS ) but you may experience problems if you try to use older browsers or try to access the system by opening a web browser on your phone (mobile apps have not yet been implemented).

Networks and Services Providers

Some schools and social work offices have network restrictions which may prevent you accessing the system from their equipment and network. There should be no issue with accessing the FMS system from a campus PC or from most home Internet Service Providers.