FMS - Support

Contact Details for Logging Issues

How to Report Issues

If you have any questions or issues that are not covered by the information on this site then please direct your questions as follows:

NOTE:  It would be very helpful if you include the following information in your email or have it to hand when you contact the Help Desk:

1. Are you using the Web or Desktop version of FMS?

2. What part of the system (menu option) are you using?  For the Web System  the menu options include

3. What particular screen/function/process you are using?

4. What is the issue you are having? The more detailed the description the easier it will be for our support team to arrive at a quick solution. Screenshots are especially helpful in this regard.  

5. What time did this occur? (This can help us investigate log-files for the problem).

6. Is the problem affecting a number of people?