FinanceComputer insurance

All University owned computers, laptops and associated equipment are covered under an All Risks policy.

The policy provides cover anywhere in the UK, including the homes of authorised staff (staff who have permission from their Head of Department to have University owned computing equipment at home).

The policy also includes transit cover for anywhere in the world and so computing equipment taken on University business trips is automatically covered.

This policy is subject to a £500 excess.

Suspected thefts of computing equipment should be notified as soon as possible to the Police and a crime reference number obtained.

Making a claim

Computer claim forms are available from which should be completed and return as quickly as possible.

The following supporting documents should be included with the claim form:

  • crime reference number (where applicable)
  • copy of original invoice/order for lost/stolen/damaged goods
  • quote/estimate for replacement
  • with copy invoice/order for replacement to follow