Stipend - Payment Schedule and Information

Your stipend payment will be paid on the 28th of the month.  Please note that when the due date falls on a weekend the payment will be made on the previous working day. 

Planned payment dates are as follows:

 Session 2020/21 

Stipend Month Payment Date
 Oct 2020  28 Sep 2020
 Nov 2020  28 Oct 2020
 Dec 2020  27 Nov 2020
 Jan 2021  21 Dec 2020
 Feb 2021  28 Jan 2021
 Mar 2021  26 Feb 2021
 Apr 2021  26 Mar 2021
 May 2021  28 Apr 2021
 Jun 2021  28 May 2021
 Jul 2021  28 Jun 2021
 Aug 2021  28 Jul 2021
 Sep 2021  27 Aug 2021


Payment will only be made by BACS (bank transfer) to your designated UK bank/building society account provided you have supplied your bank account details to Finance. 

**Please advise Finance IMMEDIATELY if you change your bank account details.**

If you have not provided Finance with your UK bank account information you can do so by downloading the form, Stipend Bank Account Form, and email the form to  

If you have not opened a UK bank account then payment will be on hold until such time as you provide your bank account information.

Please note that in order to be paid you must be a registered student for the current academic session.

If you have not registered by 21st September 2020 for Session 2020/21 then payment of your stipend will not be made until 5th October 2020 (subject to you having registered).