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Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Programme (STEP)

STEP is designed to promote and encourage innovation and excellence in teaching and to act as a catalyst to grow networks and collaborative working across the institution.

STEP provides an ongoing suite of relevant and practical opportunities for staff to enhance their skills in teaching, assessment and feedback, and crucially in using innovative techniques and technologies to ensure an outstanding student experience.

Events are advertised via the OSDU Hub - STEP (SharePoint login required) and also via e-mail to staff every two weeks. Popular courses fill up fast so book early to reserve your space!

Micro CPD

An ongoing commitment to professional development is absolutely vital for anyone involved in teaching and learning. However, the pressures on academic professionals means that fulfilling this commitment can feel like quite a challenge. Your own development is probably the last thing on your mind when you have a grant application to write, a research paper that is due and a pile of essays to grade!

Micro CPD is about providing you with easy access to bite-sized learning that can inspire and assist you to grow and develop in your role. Each week, we send out an email that contains a brief video or presentation that links to further reading and resources. No matter how busy you are, everyone can find 3-5 minutes in their working week to learn something new about teaching in higher education.

​​​Staff can find a collection of Micro CPDs to browse at your convenience on the OSDU Hub - Micro CPD (SharePoint login required). Select a category and take it from there. Or why not consider contributing a topic of your own.

Fellowships at Strathclyde

Strathclyde University offers a flexible approach to fellowship recognition, offering both taught and experiential pathways for Associate Fellow and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. For Senior Fellowship, application is through the experiential route.

To find out more and start planning your application, please visit the OSDU Hub - HEA Fellowships (SharePoint login required).