Information ServicesChoose a group email address

Role' or 'Functional' email addresses are useful for:

  • a generic departmental contact address, suitable for long-term publication
  • contact address for organisation of a particular event
  • where a number of people will need to access email relating to the purpose of the address

Requests for role or functional addresses can be made through the Information Services Enquiries. 

The requester will need to supply:

  • details of the function for which the mailbox is required
  • the name and usernumber of the person who will be responsible for the email account
  • the names and usernumbers of additional people who will need to be able to access the mailbox for the account
  • a suggested address for the mailbox, which will end in

We cannot guarantee to set up the email address exactly as you ask. We may need to alter it so that address allocations are sensible, clear, unique, not likely to be misunderstood, and scoped appropriately to the function for which it has been requested.

No role or functional address should be published in any literature or on any website until it has been approved by us. Prior publication of an address will not be a consideration when deciding on the appropriateness of an address request.

Choosing a suitable address

Suitable email addresses for role or functional mailboxes:

  • must not consist of very generic words, for example, we would not approve
  • are not made of single words. Try combining a noun with a verb or adjective, so choose "chemeng-admissions" rather than "chemeng", or "stratosphere-event" instead of "stratosphere".
  • words in the email address should generally be separated by a hyphen "-" (preferably), or a period ".". Addresses with underscores generally will not be approved.

For time-related events, indicating the year can be helpful. For example, "aic-conf2009".

If the address relates to a departmental function, the department should be indicated using a familiar abbreviation or term.