Information ServicesInformation Services customer charter

We are committed to providing a high quality and accessible people-oriented service, befitting a leading international technological University. We will support your teaching and learning both on and off-campus. We aim to work collaboratively and in partnership with our customers to offer innovative and effective learning spaces, facilities and resources, both onsite and online. Our staff will strive to ensure the Charter is being observed and customers and staff are free to refer to it as required. Our Charter should be read in conjunction with the University’s Library and IT policies.


Our commitment

We will:

  • Treat you with respect, courtesy and fairness at all times, in line with the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.
  • Offer a safe, comfortable and clean environment where you can study and learn.
  • Provide study spaces that meet your needs, with well-equipped computer suites and a mix of study environments.
  • Endeavour to make as much content as possible available electronically, in line with our Collection Development Policy.
  • Provide knowledgeable staff to answer your questions and help you find what you need.
  • Provide professional subject support and training sessions to help you develop your information literacy skills.
  • Provide access to a wide range of IT systems that meet your study and research needs.
  • Update you on the status of our IT systems, services and Library eResources.
  • Endeavour to make more software available for off-campus use, through negotiation with suppliers where possible.
  • Ensure your needs are the focus of our services, collections and resources.
  • Listen to your feedback and work with you to improve our services.

Your commitment

You will:

  • Treat our staff, other customers, facilities and resources with respect and courtesy.
  • Adopt considerate behaviour in line with the Strathclyde Community Commitment and Library Zoning.
  • Keep the Library tidy, putting all waste in the recycling bins provided.
  • Look after your belongings and avoid leaving them unattended.
  • Keep your username and password secure at all times.
  • Be careful what you click online to avoid malware, ransomware and viruses.
  • Refrain from downloading illegal content.
  • Tell us when something's gone wrong so we can do our best to put it right.
  • Help improve our services, collections and resources through your feedback.