The Autodesk Campus Agreement enables usage of a mix of all Autodesk software titles.  In addition, a pool of licenses is available on a first-come-first-served basis, for staff to run Autocad 2007. The license granted from this pool is a temporary license and lasts only as long as the Autocad session does. Thereafter the license is returned to the pool for re-allocation.

Design tools used in architecture, interior design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, civil engineering, geographic information systems, 3D modelling, and visualisation to be run in the centrally managed teaching labs.

Windows version : Current

Support Level : None

How do I get it?

Staff :

Available on request by emailing:

Licence Agreement / Costs

Type : Site Licence

End Date : Renewed annually

Licence Details :

Please read licence details before requesting or running software:
Autodesk EMEA Campus License Agreement

Usage :

The software is made available for use on computers owned or under the control of or leased to the University.

Personal Licence : Staff may buy licenses for personal use via our supplier, Academia Ltd, via their online store at www.student-software.co.uk


When downloading this software, an automated email will be sent to your '@strath.ac.uk' email account from the Software Administrator. Please read this email as it contains information/instructions.

If you have any problems downloading or installing this software, please contact help@strath.ac.uk

Where can I find out more information about Autodesk products?
A huge variety of information is available is available from https://www.autodesk.co.uk/

How much does it cost to join the pool of licenses?
There is no charge for joining the pool. Licenses are shared and issued from the pool on a first-come-first served basis. The licenses are returned to the pool when your Autocad session finishes.

How can I join the pool scheme for sharing licenses?
Send an email to help@strath.ac.uk for information.


Who is it for?

Staff :

Available free on request

System Requirements

Minimum Operating System:
Windows 10

512 MB RAM
750 MB free disk space for installation
1024x768 VGA display with true colour

System requirements for AutoCAD 2007 for users who are taking advantage of the new conceptual design capabilities are as follows:
IntelĀ® processor 3.0 GHz or greater Windows XP Professional (SP2)
2 GB RAM or greater
2 GB of disk space available, not including installation
1280x1024 32-bit colour video display adapter (true colour)
128 MB or greater, OpenGL-capable workstation class graphics card.