CrossOver Office Professional allows you to install your favourite Windows office applications in Linux.

Is this software right for me?

This software can be used by staff on university or personal computers, whether that is a laptop or desktop, both on and off campus.


What does this software do?

Crossover is used to install Microsoft Office on Linux.


Can you explain in more detail?

In particular CrossOver Office Professional supports Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

CrossOver Office Professional also supports Microsoft Visio, Lotus Notes and Adobe Photoshop, and several other packages.

Linux version : 10.0

Support Level : None

How do I get it?

Staff :

Available to download via Pegasus.

Student :

This software is not available to students.

Licence Agreement / Costs

Type : Site Licence

End Date : Renewed annually

Licence Details :

CodeWeavers supports the concept of Free Software, or as some prefer, Open Source Software.
CodeWeavers is the leading corporate backer of the Wine Project. 
For queries on associated Microsoft Licensing see http://www.codeweavers.com/about/philosophy/

Usage :

Home and office

Personal Licence : Not applicable


Crossover - How to Install on Linux

When downloading this software, an automated email will be sent to your university email account. Please read this email as it contains information and instructions.

If you have any problems downloading or installing this software, please contact help@strath.ac.uk

Where can I find out more information about CrossOver Office?

Try the CodeWeaver web site.

If you want older versions of this software, other versions are available on the Available Licensed Software page on Pegasus. 


The Development & Training Resource Centre has a wealth of online training resources including video tutorials, tutor-led material, self-study material and links to external best practice sites. Follow the link(s) below for more information:


Who is it for?

Staff :

Free to download to University owned or personal PC/Laptop

Student :

Not available to Students

System Requirements

Operating System:
32-bit Linux distributions
(or 64-bit with compatibility libraries installed)

CPU: Intel x86 processor.
Free drive space: 150 MB.