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During the coronavirus outbreak the majority of software will be available on the Windows Virtual Desktop platform. Physical Lab PC's left in service will have a base image (details to follow) with access to the Windows Virtual Desktops VIA Remote Desktop Client.



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The following software is available on the Express Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows 10, 7-Zip, Acrobat Reader DC, Microsoft Project, Office 365


In addition to the above software the following software is available on the Virtual Student Desktop (This list will be updated as more applications are added).


If you need to access any software on the Virtual Student Desktop, once your are logged in to the PC there will be a shortcut on the desktop called "Remote Desktop" click on this and then enter your DS password and then select "Student 21"

Affinity Designer V1.9.2

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition V212

Affinty Photo V1.9.2

Isograph Reliability Workbench

Affinity Publisher V1.9.2


Anaconda 3 V2021

LimitState GEO V3.6

Anaesthetised Cat V2.6.2

Maple V2021

Ansys V21

Matlab R2021a

ArcGIS Pro V2.5.2

Microsoft Edge

Aspen V10 * See Note

MiKTex V21.7

AutoCad V2022 * See Note

Minitab V19

Autodesk Revit 2022

NerveSim V1.2.1

BioVia Discovery Studio

NetLogo V6.2.0

Blue J V5.0.1

Neromuscular Junctiom Simulation V2.1.9

Chart V5.1.3

Notepad ++ V8.1.4

ChemOffice Suite 2020

NVivo V20.5

CSC Tedds V14

Ornica OcraFlex V11.1

Decision Explorer

Organ Bath Simulation V3.3


Palisade Decision Tools V8.2

Edgecam 2020



PTC MathCad Prime V7.0

EndNote V20

QGIS V3.16

Epilespy Simulation

R For Windows V4.1.0

Etomica (CP523)

Rat CVS V3.3.6

FEBio Studio V1.5

Rhino V6.3.5

femm V4.2.1

RStudio V1.4

FICO Xpress V8.1.2

SAGA V7.9.1

FreeFemm ++ V4.9

Scratch3 V3.2.5

Gams V35.2

Serial Cloner

Gaussian 09W

Siemens SimCenter STAR-CCM+

GaussView V5.09


Genie V3.0

Sketchup Pro 2021

GeoStudio V2021

Solidworks 2021

Git V2.3.2

Stella Professional

Google Chrome

Tableau 2021

Google Earth Pro

TexStudio V3.1.2

GPL Ghostscript V9.5.4

Visual Studio Code

G*Power 3.1

WinSCP V5.19

Gretl V2021b

WinBUGS 14





Hummod V1.2.1




IBM SPSS Statistics V26 * See Note


Software Listed under the SIPBS folder (see below)

Software Listed in SIPBS Folder (continued)

Action Potential Simulation





 Rat Cvs





Working on SPSS and Aspen on Student '21 Windows Virtual Desktop.


Due to a compatibility issue with the 2 listed applications and onedrive. Please save and load all files to your H:\ drive this will stop the applications from freezing.


Running AutoCad on the Student '21 Windows Virtual Desktop.


There are some minor configuration steps that need to be configured to run AutoCad to run on the WVD

When you launch AutoCAD, it still looks to that original account for some custom settings. Obviously this won’t work, and is why we have seen permission issues.

The solution is to perform a settings reset.


  1. Open the AutoCAD 2022 English folder from the start menu on the WVD
  2. Select the option thats says “Reset Settings to Default”
  3. When you click this, you get a message asking if you want to back up your previous settings. Because the previous settings are the corrupt ones, we don’t want to do this. The users should click “Reset custom settings”

  4. Once complete, you’ll get a message saying that the settings have been successfully reset. The software will then run what AutoCAD call “secondary setup”, which will configure the user profile correctly



You can click here to download software to install on your own computer.

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