LibraryEvent promotion board

The Library's Event Promotion Board, near the main enquiries desk on Level 3, is available to members of the University community, to mount posters for events relating to:

  • Student Union events;
  • Student Clubs and Societies;
  • Students' research projects (e.g. advertising a survey for others to complete);
  • Student health/wellbeing;
  • Study/exam skills development;
  • Campus development;
  • Student elections;
  • Careers.

Posters must meet the criteria above.

Use of QR codes on posters

Any posters with a QR code must also display in full the URL the QR code points to, e.g.

Removal of posters

Library management reserve the right to remove posters:

  • if they fall outwith the criteria above
  • if removal of the poster is in the best interests of the University Community
  • when the date of the event has passed

Any posters removed by us will not be returned to the owner.