Library Satisfaction surveys

Your feedback is very important to us and helps us continue to improve our services.

The LITSS is a large-scale survey covering Library and IT services at the University. We last ran the LITSS in 2021. We will run it again in 2023.

In 2022 we will run the Students' Digital Experience Insights Survey in partnership with Jisc.

National Student Survey (NSS)

The NSS is an annual survey, run nationally by the Office for Students. In the most recent NSS, we achieved satisfaction scores of:

85.07% for Library services (up from 76.17% in 2021)
82.22% for IT services (up from 80.7% in 2021)

Enquiries Desk quality survey

In October 2022 we ran a short Enquiries Desk quality survey. Paper surveys were made available to customers who had visited the main Enquiries Desk on Level 3. 

The results are:


Did you experience a friendly welcome at our Enquiry Desk today?

100% 'yes' 

Were you happy with the time taken to answer your enquiry today?

98% 'yes' 

Were you happy with the communication today between you and the staff member(s) dealing with your enquiry?

100% 'yes' 

Were staff knowledgeable about your enquiry?

98% 'yes' 

Did you feel you were treated fairly during your visit?

100% 'yes' 

Overall, were you happy with the quality of our Enquiry Desk service today?

100% 'yes' 

Additional surveys

Look out for surveys taking place throughout the year, such as our Graduation Snapshot survey, mobile app surveys, and more.