ProcurementWhy has my supplier been rejected?

A supplier request can only be approved or rejected on Financial Management System (FMS) therefore the reject option is also used as a way to open up a channel of communication to either request further information or clarification on the information submitted. You should check the workflow log for notes as to why your request has been rejected however the most common reasons are noted below:

  • There is already a framework agreement in place which could be used for the goods or services you require
  • The correct process hasn’t been followed i.e. the total value does not match the procurement process advised
  • If it is a low value or one off purchase, we would ask in the first instance if a purchasing card can be used. If the supplier cannot accept card payments, we would then approve for FMS
  • There are no attachments on the document folder to support the process used i.e. Single Source Justification (SSJ) or three quotes
  • Self-employed supplier – CEST (check employment status for tax) and UTR (unique tax reference) number has not been completed

To send the supplier request back through to Procurement, you should hit ‘Task Complete’ including any relevant notes in the workflow log.

To reject and remove the supplier request from FMS, you should hit ‘Reject and terminate’.

Note: Procurement are not able to delete any requests from the system.