ProcurementNo agreement in place

How do I buy something if no Agreement is in place?

The University procurement policy states that all procurement activities must be carried out in accordance with the University's procedures and guidelines.

Should you have a requirement for goods or services that are not covered by an Agreement, refer to Procurement guidance.

For more details on new thresholds please view the quick reference guide.

Such activity must also comply with and/or satisfy the following:

  • value for money
  • genuine and fair competition
  • protection of the University's own terms and conditions
  • an ethical code of practice
  • compliance with all UK and EU regulations in parallel with the University's Financial Regulations

Any new supplier request not supported by documentation confirming the appropriate procurement route has been undertaken shall automatically be rejected - unless the request is supported by an approved Single Source Justification.

The full process for adding new suppliers together with Frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found at FMS Knowledge Hub.