Procurement Guidance


In order to assist those undertaking procurement within the University, this section of the Procurement website pulls together various items of procurement guidance.


Procurement Services Awareness Training

Online Procurement Awareness Training 

The principal guidance found within the Procurement Awareness training, collates the various rules applicable to the procuring and purchasing of goods, works and services for the University; these include:

 Compliance with this guidance is expected from all staff within the University.

This training compromises of two-parts

  1. A short video on Procurement Services
  2. A multiple-choice knowledge quiz to be completed after watching video

To complete the Online Procurement Awareness Training, use your DS Login details, and type in the enrolment key below when prompted:


                         1. The proposed purchase is not being made under a Recommended Contract AND:

                         2. Competitive offers are not being obtained.

If the value of the intended purchase exceeds £25,000, the SSJ must also be reviewed by the Head of Procurement.


The Scottish Government has issued a Procurement Journey, which the University Procurement team uses as guidance when conducting high value tenders, and for information on the various pieces of Procurement Legislation and Regulation. If you would like more information on this guidance, please follow the below link to take you to the Procurement Journey. Otherwise, for all procurement queries, please get in touch with us via