Student Representation

Student representation is an important part of your time at the University of Strathclyde. StrathReps at all levels will help represent yourself and other student's voices to the relevant University staff.

How does student representation work?

There are many different types of StrathReps (student representatives) that represent your views:

  • Executive Officers who are elected and take a year out of their studies to work full-time in their role
  • Non-Executive Officers who are elected in a variety of roles to support the student voice
  • Student Academic Reps who represent you for your Programme (Course) Year, Department and Faculty

Of the Student Academic Reps you will have:

  • Faculty Rep (one for your level of study - undergraduate, post graduate taught or post graduate research)
  • Department Rep
  • Programme Rep (formally Class Rep) who represents all students on the year of your programme (course). This will be your primary point of contact on issues that arise about your programme.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

For departments using StrathReps elections (in StrathApp) for January intake programmes (2022/23):

  • Nominations: Monday 16th January 12:00 - Wednesday 25th January 12:00
  • Elections: Thursday 26th January 12:00 - Friday 27th January 12:00
  • All Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Taught programmes in Science and Engineering
  • All Post-Graduate Taught programmes in HaSS and all Undergraduate programmes other than the BA (Hons) HaSS 

Your Programme Rep's responsibility is to gather and receive feedback from you about your Programme (Course) or Modules. They can then deal with this feedback appropriately, such as raising it with University staff or at Staff Student Liaison Committees. They can then report back to you about the progress of the issue.

Once your Programme Rep is appointed or elected, you should be able to contact them on the StrathReps service in the Strathclyde Mobile App. They may also choose to use other methods such as social media or messaging apps, as is their preference.

If your department is running elections through the Strathclyde Mobile App be able to nominate yourself as a rep candidate, by navigating to the StrathReps page of the app and clicking on the nominate button and inputting a supporting statement.

Depending on the number of candidates there will then be an election in the app the following week, or you will be automatically appointed as the Programme Rep.

Other than some exceptions, a maximum of 5 slots will be allocated to each year of a programme, based on the number of students:

  • 0-49 students: 2 Programme Representatives 
  • 50-99 students: 3 Programme Representatives
  • 100-149 students: 4 Programme Representatives
  • 150+ students: 5 Programme Representatives


Being a Programme Rep is a fantastic way to get involved and make your mark during your time at Strathclyde. It can help make your CV stand out and provides you with experience of attending important meetings with University staff. Strath Union will also provide you with training in your role and support you. You will also be helping your peers to enhance their student experience by representing their voice.



Some departments have run their processes offline as usual for this year. If this is the case and you have already been appoint or elected as a rep, please ask your department to contact