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Student representation is an important part of your time at the University of Strathclyde. StrathReps at all levels will help represent yourself and other students voice to the relevant University staff.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

For Programme Reps (in StrathApp):

  • Nominations will be open from 28th October - 3rd November
  • Elections will run from 3rd November - 5th November
  • Results will be announced on 6th November

For vacant non-executive roles (on Strath Union's website):

  • Nominations close on 3rd November
  • Elections open 10th November

Executive and Non-Executive elections are in semester 2

Once your Programme Rep is appointed or elected, you will be able to log into the Strathclyde Mobile App and navigated to the StrathReps page to find their email. They may also choose to use other methods such as social media or messaging apps, as is their preference.

You will be able to nominate yourself to be a rep between 28th October and 3rd November. The Strathclyde Mobile App will notify you when nominations are open for your Programme (Course) Year - as long as you are signed-in.

You will then be able to nominate yourself as a rep candidate, by navigating to the StrathReps page of the app (which will become available on the 28th) and clicking on the nominate button and inputting a supporting statement.

Depending on the number of candidates there will then be an election in the app the following week, or you will be automatically appointed as the Programme Rep.

Firstly, ensure you are logged in and your app is up to date. Click the menu button on the bottom right of the screen and search StrathReps. If it still does not appear - please email us at


Being a Programme Rep is a fantastic way to get involved and make your mark during your time at Strathclyde. It can help make your CV stand out and provides you with experience of attending important meetings with University staff. Strath Union will also provide you with training in your role and support you. You will also be helping your peers to enhance their student experience by representing their voice.



Some departments have run their processes offline as usual for this year. If this is the case and you have already been appoint or elected as a rep, please ask your department to contact

Not currently, but we will be looking to implement this in future with your departments

Your Programme Rep's responsibility is to gather and receive feedback from you about your Programme (Course) or Modules. They can then deal with this feedback appropriately, such as raising it with University staff or at Staff Student Liaison Committees. They can then report back to you about the progress of the issue.

Staff Frequently Asked Questions

  • Class Reps are now becoming Programme Reps, who will represent students on the year of their programme, not specific classes/modules.
  • Nominations and elections will occur via the Mobile App ifrom 28th October. Students will register themselves as a candidate and the system will automatically run elections.

Head to the Staff Myplace course where we will post staff focused information. We are running staff engagement sessions, please place yourself on the waiting list and we will tailor sessions depending on how many staff book on from each faculty . You can also email to make sure you are made aware of any planned sessions.