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Entry requirements/decision on entry for courses at Strathclyde

For enquiries relating to entry requirements, please refer to the contact section on the relevant course page or contact the relevant Selector/Faculty Admissions Team. They can also advise on the status of your application and answer any queries you may have in regard to a decision you have received.

Other enquiries

Turnaround time for Admissions Team Mailboxes is normally five working days but can increase during peak periods. Please note if you are returning a Fee Assessment Form, it will take more than five working days for us to complete our Fee Assessment and respond to you.

The following mailboxes can be contacted if you have enquiries that are not related to entry requirements for specific programmes.

Type of enquiryEmail address
Undergraduate direct
Postgraduate taught
Postgraduate research
Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
Academic Progress Questionnaire enquiries (APQ)

Fee assessment forms and fee status enquiries 
English Language Teaching (ELT) Pre-sessional English

International Study Centre (ISC)

Applicants/ Staff with queries in relation to transition from International Study Centre (ISC) foundation and pre-masters’ programmes to the University of Strathclyde degree programmes - 

International Study Centre (ISC) referrals - applicants/ staff with queries in relation to further opportunity to attend the University of Strathclyde. If an applicant has received an unsuccessful decision to attend the University of Strathclyde this email can be contacted to see if there is a possibility to attend International Study Centre (ISC) foundation and pre-masters’ programmes.: