Student LifecyclePersonal details

Maintain address details

Students are responsible for ensuring personal information such as their name, address and contact details are kept up to date during their studies. These can be maintained via your Pegasus account.

Emergency contact

It is important that the University knows who to contact in an emergency. Students are advised to complete this information by logging into their Pegasus account. This information can be updated at any time.

Wellbeing contact

Students are asked to provide the name of an individual who the University can contact if there is a serious concern about their health and/or wellbeing.

Wherever possible, your permission will be sought prior to the University getting in touch with your wellbeing contact. However, it may be necessary for the University to use the wellbeing contact details when we feel that there are serious concerns about your health or wellbeing.

This information can be updated at any time via your Pegasus account.