Sustainable labs

Did you know that labs use around 50% of the University's energy and water consumption?

Scientific research at Strathclyde University is vital for our national and international reputation as a leading research institute. It is of equal importance that we are aware of our laboratory related environmental impact and that we are able to identify opportunities to minimise these, therefore making a sustainable contribution to Scotland and the world.   

If you have any queries please contact our S-labs Co-ordinator.

In 2014 Strathclyde University launched the Sustainable-Labs programme, a national environmental award scheme that aims to make labs safe, successful and sustainable.

Through an accreditation workbook which covers eight different laboratory categories including chemicals and materials, waste and recycling, fume cupboard good practice, water, lighting, cold storage, energy and equipment and training and management, we provide a platform that aims to: 

  • raise awareness of what environmental issues are relevant to labs and what can be done to reduce them
  • create a better understanding of lab buildings and their operation
  • highlight the replacement of energy intensive equipment with energy efficient equipment
  • create and support a network between research staff and technical staff
  • create a safe, successful and sustainable environment to work in as well as save money
  • enable benchmarking with other laboratories either internally or nationally