Why Strathclyde?Sustainable Strathclyde

We are Sustainable Strathclyde

We're the University's driving force on sustainability and carbon reduction.

We support the University in its aims to become Net-Zero for carbon emissions by 2040, and to build a greener and more climate-resilient campus.

From every light that's turned on, to every journey taken in a University vehicle, we monitor the carbon impact and look for ways to make it more eco-friendly.

We also work with staff and students to promote active travel and sustainable waste management, and to increase awareness of climate change.

Climate change & social responsibility

The University’s Climate Change and Social Responsibility Plan has four key aims. These detail the steps Strathclyde will take to reach Net Zero emissions by 2040:

  • tackle climate change, ensure resilience and reduce resource use
  • be socially responsible
  • collaborate with others and embed sustainability across the institution
  • share learning and knowledge to help ensure continuous improvement