Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), from short term back pain to complex, long term conditions such as arthritis, cause significant suffering and are a main reason for people being off work.  This service is aimed at staff who are on sick leave and/or suffering from MSDs at work.  Early access to physiotherapy is known to limit suffering and restore functionality, unfortunately waiting lists to access NHS physiotherapy prevent early treatment which can delay recovery.

Please Note

This is an early access clinic and appointments are strictly limited so you will also need to refer to NHS or privately fund ongoing treatment.

It is not recommended to attend other physiotherapist services simultaneously.  Please wait until any other physiotherapy programmes are completed.


To provide early access to physiotherapy for staff

  • To assess, diagnose, advise and treat staff to facilitate self-management.
  • To limit suffering and restore functional capacity.
  • Support attendance.

2 free sessions available to all staff annually who are currently - 

  • Absent with MSD condition.
  • Waiting for a physiotherapy appointment but have not yet received an appointment.
  • Have an MSD condition impacting on their capabilities.
  • Require physiotherapy to prevent deterioration of a MSD.

Occupational Health Service

Room LT2.15, Level 2

Livingstone Tower

Wednesday morning 0900-1130