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Records Management (RM) is the discipline of managing records in any format throughout their “lifecycle” from creation or capture through to their ultimate destruction/disposal. The information and guidance below will help staff to manage their records in line with best practice and the S61 Code of Practice on Records Management under FOISA. The Code sets out practices which public authorities should follow in relation to the creation, keeping, management and final disposal of their records.

Records Management Policy

The Records Management Policy provides a framework for the creation, management and disposition of records within the University of Strathclyde.

Records Management Policy v2.0

Records Management Guidance
Records Retention

The University of Strathclyde recognises the importance of records management.  In accordance with legislative requirements and good records management practice we are working to develop bespoke records retention schedules for the University to ensure our records are managed effectively. 
Retention schedules are available for some specific record types as set out below.  For other records, not covered by the schedules below, we refer to the retention periods set out in the JISC Records Retention Schedule for HEIs.  This is sector-specific best practice and is based on extensive research and consultation with a wide range of institutions across the UK available at:

If you have specific queries about the retention of records please contact

University Retention Schedules

Student Record Retention Schedule Centrally-Held Records v1.0

Student Record Retention Schedule Summary v1.0 (explains the above retention periods)

Staff Retention Schedule v1.0



University Records Centre

The University Records Centre provides storage for semi-current administrative and academic records which are no longer added to or referred to on a regular basis.  Although some of these records may be deemed to be of permanent administrative or historic value to the University and will be transferred to the University Archives, the expectation is that the vast majority of these records will, in due course, be destroyed once it has been established that they are no longer required for legal or administrative purposes.

We have 4 storerooms with over 4600 spaces covering almost a linear mile of shelving.   The Centre provides a safe and secure environment with controlled temperatures in which to store records.  We hold a database record of the contents of all our boxes and so retrieval of records can be obtained easily and quickly when required.  A periodic review of all material held in the Records Centre takes place to identify those records no longer needed, those requiring further review and those that merit transfer to the University Archives.

Read more about the Records Centre and how to transfer records

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