University Ethics Committee

The University Ethics Committee (UEC) is responsible to the Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee (RKEC), for the consideration of general ethical issues relating to the teaching and research of the University which involves investigations on human beings.

The UEC will consider studies submitted for ethical review and will strive to protect the rights, dignity, safety and well-being of all actual and potential participants.  The Committee will also provide impartial advice to participants and researchers.  The UEC meets on a monthly basis (usually the first Thursday of every month) to consider projects submitted for ethical review.

The Code of Practice on Investigations Involving Human Beings was published in February 2017 and provides information on which projects must be submitted to the UEC for consideration and which can be dealt with by Departmental and School Ethics Committees. The Code sets out the procedures to be followed when submitting a project for ethical review and the responsibilities of the various parties involved. The Code also contains information on the membership and the terms of reference of the UEC.


When submitting your application, please number the documents in your email (i.e. in the file name for each document, eg "1 Ethics App Form", "2 PIS", "3 Interview Questionnaire" etc) in the order you would like them packaged together for consideration by the UEC.