Prof Morgera contributes to international initiatives in the ocean sphere

Dec 2021 — In recent months, Professor Elisa Morgera — SCELG member and director of the One Ocean Hub — has been invited to participate in a variety of international initiatives in the ocean sphere. 

Discusses public participation at the International Seabed Authority 

On 10 November 2021, Prof Morgera delivered a presentation examining the applicability to the ISA of international standards on the participation of human rights-holders in international processes on the protection of the marine environment, as part of the broader theme “Consulting with Humankind: Integrating Stakeholder Voices in Deep-ocean Decision-making”. Her presentation build on ongoing research under the Hub on the relevance of international human rights for integrated and inclusive ocean governance, including children’s rights to a healthy environment, the human right to health and environmental human rights defenders. The webinar was part of a series organized by Pew and RESOLVE. The slides, webinar recording, and webinar agenda are available on the RESOLVE website

Joins New Zealand “Reimaging Ocean Law” advisory board 

Prof Morgera was invited to join the advisory board of the Marsden Fund project on 'Reimagining ocean law to achieve equitable and sustainable use of marine ecosystems.' The project has been awarded by the Royal Society of New Zealand to Victoria University of Wellington, School of Law. 

Explores equity and human rights issues of ocean plastics 

Prof Morgera was invited to contribute to the Ocean Nexus Center's UN Decade of Ocean Science event “The Equity Puzzle of Ocean Litter” on 17 November. Prof Morgera explored the human rights dimensions of ocean plastic pollution as part of the broader international ocean governance landscape. She explained how international human rights standards can help identify appropriate governance responses to the ocean litter crisis that can be embedded in, and connect, multiple international processes related to plastics ranging from chemicals and wastes, to biodiversity, climate change and freshwater. She underscored the role of human rights also for business due diligence, and the role of the human right to science in developing specific action on ocean plastics to produce equitable outcomes through the UN Decade for Ocean Science. The presentation build on ongoing research in partnership with UNEP on the environmental justice issues of ocean plastics, and Hub submissions to the UN Special Rapporteur on Toxics and the UN Special Rapporteur on Environment and Human Rights. Watch the full recording of the event here

Sharing transdisciplinary ocean research practices to support international ocean governance 

The One Ocean Hub was invited to present its practices, lessons learnt and ideas at an international (invitation-only) workshop on ‘Transdisciplinary Science for International Ocean Governance’ on 9 November. Prof Morgera delivered a presentation on current understandings of transdisciplinary science, based on Hub policy brief to the UN Decade for Ocean Science, and then participated in the break-out group on transdisciplinary science to support international Ocean governance focused on high-seas biodiversity, while Dr Berny Snow contributed to the break-out group on the ocean-climate nexus, based on the Hub policy brief for COP26. Both also contributed to the final discussion on the possible objectives, implementation and connections with existing structures of a new dedicated forum for transdisciplinary science to support international ocean governance that the European Commission is considering supporting. The workshop brought together approximately 30 international experts including scientists, policy makers, and NGOs. 

New video recording on integrated international regulatory frameworks for the ocean 

Prof Morgera was invited by the Royal Society of Biology to present on “an integrated international regulatory framework for the ocean: challenges and the potential of transdisciplinary research to contribute” as part of its Policy Lates webinar on the importance of marine biodiversity on 16 November 2021. Watch a recording of Prof Morgera’s presentation here, and a recording of the Q&A session here

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