Book on Offshore Freshwater Resources published by former SCELG PhD Researcher

Former SCELG PhD Researcher, Renée Martin-Nagle, has just published her book on offshore freshwater resources as part of Brill Publishers’ prestigious collection on Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development. Governance of Offshore Freshwater Resources, is based on Renée’s doctoral thesis, which she carried out under the supervision of Dr. Francesco Sindico and Prof. Robert Kalin and completed in 2019. Her PhD committee included leading experts Elisa Morgera and Gabriel Eckstein.

Renee’s book is a first of its kind. Her work on offshore freshwater resources with a special focus on offshore aquifers and methane hydrates fills a noticeable gap in the legal literature. The book will be a reference for researchers around the world interested in this increasingly important area. Likewise, Renee’s work will be of interest to policy makers keen to navigate the plethora of possible rules applicable to the sound management of these precious and untapped freshwater resources. 

Renée shared the news of the publication on social media:, “My book on governance of offshore freshwater (aquifers and methane hydrates) is finally in print!  The bibliography is open source for a while, and researchers are welcome to use the references, which include treaties, laws, court decisions and articles on seabed development, international water law, offshore hydrocarbon development and emerging trends like the human right to water, benefit-sharing and common pool resources.”

Commenting on Renée’s achievement, her PhD supervisor Dr. Francesco Sindico, said: “I am so happy to see the effort and hard work of many years finally seeing the light in the form of this magnificent monograph! I am sure it will be used widely, and it puts Renée very much where she deserves: in the spotlight of the international water law community as the first author to disentangle what is an incredibly complex area of environmental governance.”

PhD programme at SCELG

Renée is currently CEO of A Ripple Effect PLC, a boutique consultancy focusing on international water law and integrated water resources management services. She is also an Adjunct Professor at St. Francis University, a Visiting Scholar at the Environmental Law Institute, Treasurer of the International Water Resources Association and an Affiliate with SCELG. Renée was a PhD Researcher at SCELG where she worked closely with members of staff on transboundary aquifers, taught undergraduate and post graduate students and was part of what continues to be a vibrant PhD community.