SCELG presents at the 2nd Conference on Animal Law, Ethics and Policy

On 10 September 2019, SCELG PhD candidate Iyan Offor presented at the second conference on animal law, ethics and policy hosted by the UK Centre for Animal Law and Liverpool John Moores University. Iyan’s presentation proposed an intersectional critique of recent developments in global animal law. In particular, the presentation looked at the responses of the animal protection community to the impact on inuit communities felt as a result of the WTO dispute settlement body ruling in EC – Seal Products. This is based on Iyan’s ongoing PhD research and a paper pending for publication with Transnational Environmental Law entitled: Animals and the Impact of Trade (Law and Policy): A Global Animal Law Question.

Dr Francesco Sindico, Co-Director of the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance commenting on Iyan’s participation maintained “It is really great to see SCELG PhD researchers like Iyan Offor participate at high level conferences such as the Conference on Animal Law, Ethics and Policy. It is even more exciting to see SCELG engaging in important and critical areas of law, such as animal law, which is clearly growing in importance and acquiring a greater dimension.”

PhD research at SCELG

Iyan Offor if part of the vibrant PhD SCELG community. PhD researchers work on many of the different areas of work covered by SCELG.