Iyan Offor

SCELG PhD Member

Iyan Offor’s research focuses on global animal law, international trade law and critical, intersectional and posthumanist responses to anthropocentrism in law. The cross-cutting nature of animal law means that Iyan works on global governance, earth jurisprudence, wildlife and conservation law, and themes in international law and European Union law. Iyan’s most recent work is published in the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, Transnational Environmental Law, the Global Trade and Customs Journal and the UK Journal of Animal Law. Iyan was recently welcomed as a visiting international scholar at both the Center for Animal Law Studies and the Global Animal Law Section of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law. Iyan recently completed a two-year long research project for Eurogroup for Animals on method of production labelling and trade law. He has also taught at the University of Strathclyde, Aarhus University and Lewis & Clark Law School on animal law, environmental law, food law, legal theory, ocean governance, and trade law. Iyan organises events on animal law in Scotland and also organises the SCELG discussion group. Iyan is a member of the Scottish Steering Committee for the UK Centre for Animal Law.

Iyan’s full profile is available here.

Iyan’s areas of expertise:

  • Animal and Wildlife Law
  • Environmental Justice
  • Legal Theory
  • Economic Law and Governance