Lannette Kambole Chiti

SCELG PhD Member

Prior to commencing PhD research, Lannette Chiti worked for almost eight years in the environment sector in Zambia combining environmental law practice with consultancy work in environmental management. Key assignments included environmental litigation, environmental due diligence support, environmental impact assessments and environmental auditing. She was one of the initial reviewers of principal national environmental legislation leading to the enactment of the Zambian Environmental Management Act. She served as chairperson of the board of directors of the Zambia Environmental Management Agency. She chaired an expert group on land, environment and natural resources at the sector and national levels. Lannette successfully executed a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) capacity building regional project jointly implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Environment Programme in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has been part of the legal and technical advisory team of Zambian delegations to a number of UNFCCC Conferences of Parties and was a member of the Working Group of the Designated National Authority for the CDM. Lannette has worked for Fairtrade International (an international NGO based in Germany) as Senior Advisor-Climate Change providing overall leadership in the delivery of climate change work. Her research examines the role of international energy law in climate change mitigation and questions whether an overarching hard international legal instrument is necessary to promote sustainable energy for climate change mitigation.

Areas of expertise:

  • Climate and Energy
  • Law and Development