Ronald Welsh

SCELG PhD Member

Ronald Welsh is nearing the end of an eight-year tenure as a Senior Lecturer in International Law in Bahrain teaching International Trade and Maritime law and the Law of the Sea.  His PhD research area is grounded in International Trade Law focussing on the engagement of the least developed countries and the WTO dispute resolution system. With over 20 years’ senior band international business management experience, Ronald’s other interests include global supply chains and their environmental impact as also international trade facilitation. In terms of trade facilitation, he is involved in a joint collaborative research project in the Middle East. Ronald has a keen interest in the role of the maritime industry which is a key modal element of many global supply chains. His focus area lies in the relationship between the global environmental impact of this industry and its legal regulation.  

Ronald’s full profile is available here

Ronald’s areas of expertise: 

  • Economic Law and Governance
  • Law and Development