Chemical engineering student

Chemical Engineering Process development & monitoring

We develop, design, and optimise processes to meet the challenges faced by industry and society, often using new technologies (eg microwave assisted synthesis manufacturing with light and sonocrystallization) and materials (eg metal organic frameworks).

Projects include the continuous manufacture of pharmaceuticals and water treatment. We also develop novel methods to monitor processes to improve their control, product quality, and operating efficiency.

Areas of interest

  • process analytical technologies (eg light propagation, inversion methods, multivariate statistical methods)
  • flame imaging diagnostics
  • diode laser adsorption and fluorescence spectroscopy

Example research projects

  • Dr Iain Burns is developing compact LED sensors for diagnostics of flames and industrial processes
  • Dr Leo Lue is modelling the visible/near infrared spectra of microstructure of colloidal suspensions
  • Dr Chris Price is developing novel ultrasonic approaches to increase the purity of crystalline drug substances