Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial management & leadership

Successful entrepreneurs need a range of management and leadership skills, including marketing, financial management and fund raising, strategic planning, and leading entrepreneurial teams. Our academic staff at Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship carry out research in many of these core areas, contributing to the very firm foundation upon which our teaching and training work is built.

Our current research & projects

The first stage in the entrepreneurial process is making the decision to found, acquiring motivation, and choosing an entrepreneurial career. Hunter Centre contributions in this area include:

  • Eleanor Shaw‘s research concentrating on marketing and entrepreneurship. In particular, she's interested in entrepreneurial marketing and small firm networks. Her work in this area has considered small creative firms as well as social enterprises and women-owned small firms.
  • Paul Ferri has a special interest in sales education for entrepreneurs.
  • Claudia Smith’s PhD investigates how entrepreneurs are using the power of emerging online networks to their advantage.

Financing for entrepreneurship is a key element in entrepreneurial management, and several members of the Hunter Centre have carried out research in this area. Topics include:

  • Investors’ judgement of high technology founders (Jonathan Levie)
  • Bank lending as a source of finance for diverse entrepreneurs (Eleanor Shaw and Sara Carter)
  • Ekaterina Murzacheva’s PhD research deals with the relationship between demand and supply sides of informal investor capital provided by informal investors, and possible mechanisms that could put them in a socially efficient balance
  • Russell Matthew’s PhD thesis focuses on the formation and development of top management teams in peripheral region high technology ventures
  • Brad McMaster’s overarching interest in his PhD research is in enhancing the performance of entrepreneurial teams through researching the factors and outcomes related to exemplary performance

The Hunter Centre studies aim to extend understanding of strategic management and leadership in entrepreneurial firms.

  • Lucrezia Casulli studies opportunity creation in internationalising SMEs
  • Jonathan Levie studies entrepreneurial exit, including the stigma of entrepreneurial failure and myths around business mortality rates
  • Sergio Costa’s PhD research explores business model change in early-stage entrepreneurial firms and how it relates to firm performance
  • Mark Johnson’s PhD investigates academic entrepreneurial intentions, including knowledge exchange choices and channels, and their attitude to risk
  • The overall objective of Eleni Kesidou’s PhD research is to draw the framework needed to increase understanding of the role entrepreneurial leadership skills play in business growth and organisational performance in the context of the Scottish Economy
  • Eko Suhartanto current PhD research interests lie in understanding aspects of corporate entrepreneurship across different kinds of organisation

Our key publications

Entrepreneurial Motivation & Career Choice

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Entrepreneurial Finance & Funding

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Entrepreneurial Marketing

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