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Building on our longer-term experience in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (entrepreneurial conditions and activity in 69 economies), the Hunter Centre is now engaged in GUESSS, the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students‘  Survey. This explores entrepreneurial career decisions of students at 500 universities in 26 countries and is led by University of St Gallen, Switzerland.

We're also involved in STEP, working on successful trans-generational family business development in 37 nations led by Babson College, USA.

Our current research and projects

Jonathan Levie co-directs Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in the UK and was Associate Coordinator of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in its founding year. Jonathan’s research in this area focuses on global and national conditions for entrepreneurship, including regulatory frameworks, and entrepreneurial activity.

Hunter Centre staff have also studied international patterns on entrepreneurial networking (Sarah Dodd), global knowledge work (Katerina Nicolopoulou), and entrepreneurial capital (Eleanor Shaw and Sara Carter).

Internationalisation of entrepreneurial firms is a further dimension of this theme, which several scholars from the Hunter Centre have addressed. Lucrezia Casulli studies opportunity creation and the internationalisation process in SMEs. Stoyan Stoyanov concentrates on the special case of diaspora (migrant) entrepreneurs engaging in international business activities.

Our researchers also participate in a range of international research projects:

  • business start-up and growth rated (funded by the EU)
  • enterprise diversity, farm-based innovation, and family business succession (funded by funding councils in Norway)
  • entrepreneurial philanthropy (funded in New Zealand)

Key publications

Global Entrepreneurship

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International Entrepreneurship

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