Entrepreneurship Family business & enterprising households

The family and the home play a crucial role in influencing entrepreneurial processes and aspirations, and are, in turn, affected by the entrepreneurship of family members.

Such complex interactions take a variety of forms, including family businesses, home-based businesses, and entrepreneurial households. The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship is active across all of these forms and we're strongly engaged with extending understanding of this vital topic.

Our current research & projects

Entrepreneurial household

Sara Carter studies rewards and lifestyles within the entrepreneurial household. She leads the Hunter Centre’s partnership in the ESRC co-funded Enterprise Research Centre (in collaboration with Warwick, Aston and Imperial business schools). She explores the economic well-being of entrepreneurial households.

Aniela Kuhl’s current PhD research looks at the concept of direct and indirect financial rewards that can be accrued from running a family business. She's taking an entrepreneurial household as the unit of analysis and considers how its members adjust their financial rewards in order to satisfy personal and business requirements.

Johan de Borst PhD research focus is 'entrepreneurial rewards, constructing economic well-being in entrepreneurial households'

Family business

We've researched many aspects of the family-owned firm, such as:

  • resource use and performance (Jonathan Levie)
  • family firm networking, health and safety in the family firm, and organisational renewal (Sarah Dodd)
  • Katerina Nicolopoulou has carried out studies exploring cross-cultural diversity, and gender, in family businesses
  • Niall MacKenzie further strengthens the Hunter Centre’s team studying family business, and additionally delivers the centre’s teaching in this area. He's a member of the Academic Advisory Board for the Institute of Family Business’ Research Foundation.
  • Niall MacKenzie and Jonathan Levie are co-investigators on the Institute for Family Business Research Project on family branding
  • PhD researcher Steve Gaklis is presently researching cognitive and behavioural expression in entrepreneurial approaches to succession among dynastic family firms
  • Martin Gannon’s PhD research focuses on the dynamics and influences of philanthropic family foundations
  • Alistair Beckett's PhD work is looking at the dyadic relationships between family businesses and their advisors
  • Eko Suhartanto's PhD studies focus on corporate entrepreneurship within listed family businesses in Indonesia
  • The Hunter Centre is also engaged STEP (trans-generational family business case-study development in 37 nations, led by Babson College, USA).

Role of the home

The role of the home in entrepreneurship is a novel and under-studied area. Our research contributions include analyses of home-based businesses (Sara Carter), and the role of the home in family firms (Sarah Dodd).

Our key publications

Entrepreneurial Households & Home-based Businesses

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Family Businesses

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