Entrepreneurship Social enterprise, CSR & philanthropy

Entrepreneurial philanthropy is an area of special interest to us. Eleanor Shaw is currently Principal Investigator of an ESRC-funded project exploring entrepreneurial philanthropy. The project contributes to the programme of research being undertaken by the UK-wide Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy. Our partnership in this ESRC co-funded centre (in collaboration with Cass, Edinburgh, Kent and Southampton business schools) highlights our commitment to researching the creation of both business value and social value.

Publications in this area include studies of contemporary philanthropy by entrepreneurs, as well as analysis of classical examples, like Andrew Carnegie. Martin Gannon’s PhD research focuses on the dynamics and influences of philanthropic family foundations.

Social enterprise is another key focus of our research. We've conducted several studies considering specific aspects of this growing phenomenon, including:

  • theoretical antecedents and empirical analysis (Eleanor Shaw and Sara Carter)
  • marketing in social enterprises (Eleanor Shaw)
  • innovation in the social economy (Dominic Chalmers, Katerina Nicolopoulou)
  • educating social entrepreneurs (Katerina Nicolopoulou)

Katerina Nicolopoulou has also worked extensively in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. Other Hunter Centre scholars have explored the role of religion and spirituality in entrepreneurial activity (Samuel Mwauru, Sarah Dodd).

Our key publications

Social Enterprise

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Social entrepreneurship between cross-currents : towards a framework of theoretical restructuring of the field

CSR, Organisational Equality and Diversity

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