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Enterprise and diversity research focuses on those who experience entrepreneurship differently due to some form of socio-economic difference.

Developing deeper understandings of women entrepreneurs is a longstanding area of expertise at the University of Strathclyde, most notably the ground breaking work of Sara Carter.

Hunter Centre staff also have a strong tradition of researching ethnic minority and migrant entrepreneurs, and those from economically marginal areas.

Our current research & projects

  • Sara Carter is the theme leader for the “Enterprise & Diversity” workstream at the UK’s Enterprise Research Centre and co-Chair of the British Bankers Association Diversity & Inclusion Business Council. She was a member of the UK Government’s Women’s Enterprise Task Force (2007 - 2009), recipient of the Prowess ‘Women’s Enterprise Researcher of the Year’ Prize, and awarded OBE for services to women entrepreneurs in 2008.
  • Sara Carter and Eleanor Shaw have studied women’s business ownership from a holistic research and policy perspective, and have also made major contributions to understandings of financing for female entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial capital.
  • Katerina Nicolopoulou has explored the impact of gender diversity on Boards of Directors, and the role of gender within family firms.
  • Jonathan Levie has analysed the impact of gender upon business and social enterprise, as well as the role of ethnicity and immigration in shaping UK entrepreneurship. Jonathan recently project managed a major grant from the EC DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion for the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, and is a member of an EC DG Employment expert panel on entrepreneurship and social exclusion.
  • Stoyan Stoyanov’s research concentrates on immigrant entrepreneurs.
  • Sarah Drakopoulou Dodd studies socially and economically marginal entrepreneurs, using case studies drawn from the worlds of punk rock and craft beer.
  • Samuel Mwaura is currently focusing on the Enterprise Research Centre’s “Diversity and SMEs in the Emerging Economy” work package. His main research interests are in drivers of firm start-up, firm performance and growth –in least developed countries and under-represented sections of society.

Entrepreneurs from peripheral or marginalised geographical contexts are also subject to specific threats and opportunities. The countryside provides a challenging setting for entrepreneurship, with particular attention being paid to farming enterprises, rural resource opportunities and constraints, and wider regional issues associated with peripherality. Areas of specialism within the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship include:

  • diversified and portfolio farm entrepreneurship (Sara Carter)
  • rural relational capital (Paul Ferri)
  • development in peripheral regions (Niall MacKenzie, Sarah Dodd, Samuel Mwaura)
  • Russell Matthew’s PhD thesis focuses on the formation and development of top management teams in peripheral region high technology ventures
  • Carolyn McMillan’s PhD research focuses on entrepreneurship and development studies, looking at entrepreneurship and its role in the economic and social development of disadvantaged groups in Nepal

Our key publications

Gender Diversity in Business

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