Car production line

Management science Optimisation

Every real world system requires many decisions to be made, such as:

  • which facilities to operate and when
  • how much to manufacture of a particular product
  • which routes to use for each vehicle of a fleet

Many constraints exist due to physical, legal or contractual limits, such as available capacities or budgets, union agreements or government regulations.

What is optimisation?

Optimisation is a toolbox of mathematical modelling and solution methods that supports decision makers to achieve the best decisions with regards to their preferences while satisfying any system constraints.

Optimisation is used everywhere. For example:

  • from designing efficient energy networks to scheduling manufacturing operations
  • from evacuating disaster areas to developing routing strategies for urban delivery companies
  • from creating individual treatment plans for cancer patients to planning freight transportation on railways

The optimisation research group

The optimisation group in the department of Management Science is interested in developing theory and solution methods for challenging optimisation problems stemming from various applications.

The group consists of three full-time and one part-time academic staff. We also have a postdoctoral researcher, actively working on project with many sectors, including transportation and logistics, health, manufacturing, and energy.

Current projects

PhD opportunities

The group will welcome any PhD proposals relevant to their research interests and expertise, and would also offer the following potential topics to any candidate interested:

Dr. Ashwin Arulselvan

  • MIP formulations and cutting plane techniques for evacuation modelling
  • Design of robust telecommunication networks
  • Data mining in social and biological networks
  • Bilevel integer programming problems

Dr. Kerem Akartunali

  • Network design for healthcare distribution systems
  • Robust radiation treatment planning optimisation
  • Extended formulations and valid inequalities for lot-sizing in remanufacturing
  • Designing a sustainable energy network using renewables

Dr. Tibor Illes

  • Market equilibrium models
  • Multi-objective optimisation problems and their applications

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