Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit

We manufacture and prepare experimental anti-cancer drugs for clinical trials in the UK.

The Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit is one of a kind and is based within the Strathclyde Institute for Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences.

Since opening over 20 years ago, it's handled more than 100 compounds and manufactured more then 1 million units of anti-cancer drugs.

Several of the compounds have been passed to pharmaceutical companies for further development and some are now used worldwide to treat cancer.


The unit was established here due to our well established pharmaceutical expertise, existing facilities and links with cancer researchers in the Beatson Institute.

It has specialised clean rooms that are supplied with filtered air to remove any possibility of contamination.

All staff wear protective clothing when preparing products and the atmosphere inside the rooms and storage areas is continually monitored.

Strict procedures and policies are fastidiously followed to comply with regulations.

How we use our labs

The Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit has dedicated analytical laboratories which are used to test, manufacture, research and prepare experimental anti-cancer drugs.