Applied Cognition LabVisual Short-Term Memory Binding Test (VSTMBT)

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Please read before downloading and using the Visual Short-Term Memory Binding Test (VSTMBT) in your research.

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and they are made available on a non for profit basis to qualified researchers and clinicians.

The purpose of this very short survey is to get some statistics on the number of people that download and use the tests, their institution and the purpose of their research.

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Do not share your copy. Your copy is personal. By downloading this copy you agree not to share it. If other people are interested we would ask you to refer them to this page. It is very important for us to see how many people download our tests, and for us to ensure that it is being used by qualified researchers. More information about the VSTMBT can be found on the download pages.

The VSTMBT is available for free download from this site on the understanding that:

  1. The test will only be used for non-profit research.
  2. Any published reports that arise from using the VSTMBT will cite the following source articles:
  • Parra, M. A., Abrahams, S., Logie, R. H., & Della Sala, S. (2010). Visual short-term memory binding in Alzheimer's disease and depression. Journal of Neurology, 257(7), 1160-1169.
  • Parra, M.A., Abrahams, S., Logie, R.H., Mendez, L.G., Lopera, F. & Della Sala, S. (2010) Visual short-term memory binding deficits in Familial Alzheimer’s Disease. Brain 133, 2702-2713.
  • Parra, M.A., Abrahams, S., Fabi, K., Logie, R., Luzzi, S. & Della Sala, S. (2009). Short term memory binding deficits in Alzheimer’s Disease. Brain, 132, 1057-1066.
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  • Logie, R.H., Parra, M.A., & Della Sala, S. (2015). From cognitive science to dementia assessment. Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2, 81-91.

We offer no guarantees that VSTMBT will be of clinical value.

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